"Jordan was a special soul, a gift. He did everything big….he skied big, he exercised big, he sang big, and he loved big. He was amazing to little kids, grandparents, animals, and his friends. He made people smile when they were in his presence. In his memory, we will raise awareness about the awful disease of heroin addiction and lives will be saved in Jordan's honor. He will forever be missed but anyone who knew and loved Jordan were the lucky ones."

Lisa Aronson - Deerfield, IL

"Having Jordan around was like having a whole posse in one person. He was our bodyguard, our hype man, and he was also usually the star of the show. I am going to miss him more than words can ever describe, but I know that he is up there looking down on us and making sure nobody gives us any problems. Jordan was one of my very best friends, and to fill the void that he left in my heart, I will help raise awareness and educate people of the horrible disease known as addiction, because I know that Jordan did not want any of this. I will never forget you."

Brett Horowitz - Highland Park, IL

"I was very lucky to have a best friend like Jordan. His sense of humor, loyalty and generosity were only a few of the finer traits that Jordan possessed. If you were lucky enough to be his friend, he had your back no matter what. The amazing turnout we had for the basketball tournament in his honor showed just how special he was to so many people in his life. Though he is gone, I will never forget the memories we shared and will cherish them forever. Jordan battled an addiction that most of us will never truly understand. I was proud of the efforts he made to try and beat it and will help raise awareness to help educate others about this horrific drug. The foundation will, without a doubt, save the lives of many."

Matt Levine - Highland Park, IL

"I knew Jordan well, he was a caring, loving soul. He would be proud - and very supportive of the work his family and friends are doing in his name."

Laurie Coleman - San Diego, Ca

"I didn't know Jordan well, but I do know and love Jessica and the rest of his family very much. The stories Jessica has shared about Jordan are hilarious, exciting, and prove that he was a one of a kind brother and a one of a kind friend. I never want to see people I love so much go through something like this ever again and am confident that the Filler family will make sure I never do. Jordan, you may be gone, but your memories and legacy will live on forever!"

Lindsey Harris - Cincinnati, OH

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